Eagle Eye Finds - GQF Plastic 5 lb Capacity Game Chick Poultry Feeders - 2 Pk - 12" X 6" X 5" 5003
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GQF Plastic 5 lb Capacity Game Chick Poultry Feeders - 2 Pk - 12" X 6" X 5" 5003
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1) NEW GQF Plastic 5 lb. Capacity Game Chick Poultry Feeders - 2 Pk - 12.25" long X 6" wide X 5.5" high 

Substitution of Poultry feeding equipment for game bird chicks has always been quite a problem to the game breeder. Poultry chick feeders permit the game chicks to get inside the feed and their droppings create a exceedingly unsanitary and unhealthy condition. Our Chick Feeder is specifically designed for game chicks (Quail, Chukar, Pheasant, etc..) and prevents droppings from getting in the feed. The new plastic 5003 feeder was developed and tested at GQF's quail farm. The plastic material was selected without color in order that farm staff could easily judge feed levels in the feeder without having to pull it out or remove the top. The feed gives a shadow effect on the sides of the feeder indicating the feed level. This saves time as a quick glance determines if the feeder requires refilling. Farm research shows that this feeder produces a good even flow of feed and is easily cleaned. Size 12 1/4in long, 6in Wide, 5 1/2in high, gives 24 1/2in  of feed space. Will fit in game bird Brooder. Holds 5 lbs. of feed.

The item in the picture is exactly what you will receive.

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